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Apex Vision Scope®

Apex Vision Scope®

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Be a Night Knight with the power to see into darkness

  • Add to the efficiency of your optics
  • Perfectly protect your property against night-time wild intruders
  • Experience an after-dark hunt like never before
  • Record your experiences to watch later
  • Be prepared for more successful and bountiful night hunts. 
  • Versatile: Great to use on calibers like 7.62 or .308.
  • Uses rechargeable 18650 batteries to last hours instead of minutes

  45mm diameter scopes become marksman night vision

With Apex Vision Scope, Enjoy Daytime Quality Vision Even in the Darkest Nights

Our Apex Vision Scope™ transforms your standard rifle-scope into a state-of-the-art Night Vision System. (Note scope not included). Enhance your night-time vision and hit your target even after dark

At night, normal scopes are at a disadvantage. If you want to use it, you need bright lights which hurt your eyes natural night vision and bring unwanted attention. While our scope is dual purpose for any light level. 

Powered by our custom infrared illuminator providing high quality video feed for the Apex Vision Scope™. Enjoy crisp, clean night vision up to 300 yards or 1300 feet.

*The overall range might vary based on the phases of the moon and other factors like smoke, fog, tree/bush cover etc.


Apex Vision scope™ has a user friendly design for easy installation to your scope. The system is powered by rechargeable 18650 batteries for performance. Our scope uploads a sight picture from your optic to the screen for easier aiming.  

Easily installed in minutes and suitable for telescopic sights with 1 inch (25mm) or 30mm tube diameter and up to 45mm. If you need help, contact us for information.  

Lab tested toughness

The lab tested durability prevents wear and tear and night vision is perfect for hunting and night time activities. Allowing you to see through the shroud of darkness. Built durable to last long even after rough usage. Get Apex vision 24/7 with this system on scopes.

You never knew a Night-Hunt could be so rewarding!

The adrenaline-rushing activity, hunting, is a fun and super-exciting experience. It does have its own set of challenges, but when it comes to night-hunting, the story is entirely different. Human vision after the dark is not very efficient, especially when it is about spotting a running animal in a forest. Apex Vision Scope puts an end to all your night-time hunting worries. While enhancing your night vision quality, it lets you hit the target without giving away your position. Wearing a cover provides enhanced concealment when you're too close for comfort.

In addition to this, the scope comes along with an HD screen, adding to your overall night-time hunting experience. Adjust the brightness and contrast as per your liking, and enjoy a super-fun and exciting after-dark hunt!

The hunts to remember always occur at night!

The benefits of Apex Vision Scope do not stop during the night hunt. With this, you can even protect your property from the wild intruders that enter your property at night. Fight away vermins and predators with better night vision that works as efficiently as it does during the day, which helps you spot the target without them getting the hint – an ideal situation!

High-Quality and Clear Vision

The best thing about Apex Vision Scope is the way it makes your gear super useful even in the dark. Do not let obstructions in the way ruin your night hunt fun by alerting the animals. Thanks to the infrared illumination that is not visible to people or animals! As soon as you set your aim using the durable Apex Vision Scope, the area is illuminated, giving you a better and high-quality view even in the dark. Not only this, but with this vision scope, you can put an end to the after-dark drama that takes place in your house with vermin sneaking in when you get into your rooms.

Spot, stop, aim, and shoot! It is that easy with the Apex Vision Scope.   

Protect your property day and night

Coming vis-à-vis with a vermin and hunting after dark are both experiences that may get a ‘bit’ rough. There are instances when the rifle might fall out of your hands. Regular scope might break, but the Apex Vision Scope is designed for situations like these. Its anti-seismic features make it impact-resistant. This, along with its sturdy design, makes it perfect for use in such intense situations!  

Better Vision, Powerful Reach

The Apex Vision Scope comes attached with a flashlight that is much more powerful than its predecessors. The high-resolution laser flashlight provides clear vision, making aiming and spotting in the dark as easy as it is in the daytime. This flashlight lets you spot your target even when you are about 400 meters away from it!

The best thing? This flashlight is not detectable by human or animal-eye but provides daytime quality vision to the scope. Who would have thought this was possible, but with Apex Vision Scope, your night vision just got better!

Improving effectiveness & protection levels of scopes

The Apex Vision Scope is not just for night-time use, but it is designed to be used in broad daylight. The 360° adjustable camera comes with day-night shift. Free yourself from the stress of removing and fixing the scope of your rifle. Make your optic perfect for use, irrespective of the time of the day!

Never let your favorite moments disappear!

One of the best things about Apex Vision Scope is that it lets you record your experiences on camera. This scope comes with the function of recording video and capturing photos. Motivate yourself for the next hunt or face-off with vermin and predators by reliving past experiences. All you need is a memory card and a reader (Included in the AVS complete model) !


When a animal is out at night, they aren't expecting or prepared to be hunted. Furthermore you can strike more times than during the day when a animal if fully alert. Animals out at night are looking for an easy meal and don't think as much about threats. The Apex Vision Scope lets you strike fear at animals day and night. They will not feel safe at your property and will be driven off efficiently. Animals will forage and hunt where they feel safest, especially at night. You will protect yourself from animals destructive habits day and night.  

Makes scope eye & eye strain a non-issue

The cutting edge aiming feed on the screen is the evolution of scope eye. Your enjoyment and ability is enhanced when in use. Needing to look down your scope yourself slows you, decreases accuracy, and can be dangerous. If shooting higher recoil calibers, the scope kick has hurt the unprepared. Meanwhile even a 2% higher heartbeat can affect shot placement. Don't let your aim suffer even after long hunting days. You can wait more comfortably while staying ready for accurate shots with the video feed. Just set it up and aim from the comfort of your chair. Focusing your eyesight down your scope can lead to eyestrain as well.

The best for groups & educational exploring

If you take this out exploring or hunting with others, everyone will be amazed. A scope is powerful except it only shows you the sight. With a basic scope, switching between others is cumbersome and slow. By livestreaming your view to the screen, everyone can see the landscape. Also decide the best time to take pictures. Discuss and admire what your experiencing as a group rather than alone.


Set it up within minutes!

You do not need military training to install the Apex Vision Scope. You can set up your night vision system while the scope is on your gear separately. Able to handle the recoil from the most popular calibers, even the powerful .308 round. Use the monitor crosshairs to take yours shots day & night for improved accuracy for any skill level. 


Product Weight: 2.3LB
Material: High quality steel and polycarbonate
Night vision distance: 200 yards to 400 yards
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