Grim Juggernaut Mask™

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Grim Juggernaut Mask™

$59.99 USD $119.99 USD -51% OFF


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Impressive design packed with unstoppable force

If you are someone who thrives on outdoor activities like air-soft, paintball,  and more, then you definitely need our Grim Juggernaut Mask. It is not just a costume prop but also something that can keep your face and head protected during all sorts of physical activities. Not only that, it looks quite intimidating and horrifying enough to be your entire Halloween costume. You can paint your own design to fit any set up! Great relief against biting bugs during summertime! While keeping your face and nose sunburn free!

The trouble that users often encounter is that the lenses are foggy. The product sets up layers of barriers to give users a clear visual enjoyment.

Universal Size Fit!

The Grim Juggernaut™ mask was designed for maximum comfort & protection with a universal size fit. Additionally, the reinforced lenses let eyesight cover your full field of view. The ventilated design removes fog, for long duration wearing. Although in extreme weather, anti-fog may be needed. It is quick to switch straps for dual wear modes. 

Safe and Comfortable structure for long-term wear!


Our Grim Juggernaut Mask is designed using facial bionic scanning technology which means you get maximum comfort no matter what your head size may be. The mask has a fog free, breathable design; no matter how long you wear it, neither the inside or the outside view will get foggy or vague. It also has excellent ventilation which comes in real handy in physical exertion activities. Our mask comes prepped with adjustable straps, so it fits you perfectly. It even has shock-absorbing foam pads which not only provide comfort but also reduce impact.

Superb quality vision with full protection

In terms of visual prowess, our Grim Juggernaut Mask tops the charts. With reinforced lenses that are large enough to cover your full field of view you won't miss a thing. There's a zero to no chance of visual errors or you missing your opponent's movements. The lenses are dual layered with both tinted and transparent features that ensure impact protection and complete shielding from foreign elements.

Durable and low maintenance design

Our Grim Juggernaut Mask is extremely durable and the ideal choice for a strong defense. It not only protects from scratches, abrasions, insects, impacts and other annoyances but also remains sturdy as ever. The mask material is eco-friendly and low maintenance and does not require any difficult cleaning routine. The perfect choice for all the rough, tough, hardcore activities you want to indulge in!

Perfect fit for all environments

The mask has a camouflage design and is available in a variety of colors. This color choice helps keep the action undetected in outdoor, indoor, natural and urban settings. And best of all, this mask can help you save cash on a Halloween costume and you can be the most gruesome and horrible Grim Juggernaut on Halloween by simply wearing this mask. How cool is this 2 in 1 deal!!


Product Weight



Polyamide glass reinforced nylon


7.48 x 6.33 inches

Package Includes

Grim Juggernaut 1x

Mask mode straps 1x

Helmet mode straps 1x

    Unobstructed lenses
    Mask passes the ANSI Z80.3 ball drop test
    Impact resistant with up to 600FPS rating
    Best for -10°C to 42°C temperature
    Metal ventilation grates
    Fits all teens and adults
    Dust, wind and UV rays protection
    Made from eco-friendly, heavy-duty polyamide, a glass reinforced nylon
    Helmet mode upgrade available
    Package includes 1x Grim Juggernaut, 1x Mask mode straps and 1x Helmet mode straps.