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Aegis Battle Systems Helmet®

Aegis Battle Systems Helmet®

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Universal Size Fit
Aegis System Customizable Helmet®
Comfort and modularity with guaranteed protection!
Do you often find yourself going for various trainings, search and rescue operations or outdoor sport activities? Well, when it comes to being safe and well protected in dangerous or super active situations, a good quality tactical helmet comes in very handy. It’s ideal to have the best protective gear on you. This is where our Aegis System Customizable Helmet™ comes in. It’s the perfect choice for a productive and safe day.
Ideal size and manufacturing
The tactical helmet is designed to have adjustable size so it fits all types of heads. It is made of ABS plastic which ensures light weight feel and good quality strength. So while you have to stay alert and active, the helmet will not weigh you down and keep your energy levels up.
Comfort is essential
With Velcro added for your choice of tactical additions, you are going to feel fine when it comes to patches.
A tech savvy helmet indeed!

The helmet slot is designed to host Network Video Recorders like Go-pros. The mounts are perfect of a video recorder, team patches or having night vision. You can easily record your movements and later show off your skills on the field, be it games or some serious operation.
Top notch customization
The tactical helmet’s customization is so good that it is very much similar to the ones special forces use worldwide. You can pretty much customize it in multiple ways to suit any of your needs in the field.
  • Head circumference (inches) ranges from 22.0472 to 23.622 or (centimeters) 53-60
  • Multiple mounts allow high modularity for various tech items like go pros, night vision, flashlights etc.
  • Goggle’s front sticker is removable
  • Velcro patches can have patches attached
  • Helmet size is adjustable
  • Made from ABS plastic; lightweight and strong
  • Ideal tactical helmet for active or strenuous tasks

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