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Multi Pouch OMA Rig™

Multi Pouch OMA Rig™

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Multi Pouch OMA Rig™ is versatile and great for paintball, security, air-soft, cosplay, costumes, war-games, and more. A backpack places all the weight on your spine. It can replace cumbersome backpacks as you can carry anything that fits. Great for a balanced load carry and avoid hurting your back. Especially useful for convenient and organized access. One size fit all ensures it fits snug, easy, and quick, It's armor ready with its strike plate inserts, great for extra impact protection in war-games or for security reasons. The multi-pocket design lets you carry a bad-ass one-man army variety of items. Like food, magazines, walkie talkies, knifes, water containers, strike plates, medical bags, and more. You can carry anything you would like if it fits. All accessories can be removed for a lighter weight movements.

    Due to extremely high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.


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