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Use the power of science to get rid of mosquitoes with the Bug Zapper Mosquito Killer Photocatalytic Lamp. Using a scientific and safe method, this device kills mosquitoes on site. This mosquito killer features a photocatalytic lamp as well as a strong vortex flow to kill mosquitoes with ease. The 7-blade vortex entertains a powerful absorbing force to draw in and keep hold of mosquitoes. Simple and convenient to use, the lamp doesn’t use any form of UV radiation which makes it absolutely safe for everyone, including pregnant women and newborn babies. Even with all this power, the lamp runs silently. Along with the quiet design, the lamp also comes with a visually pleasing aesthetic making it ideal to have anywhere in the house.

Main Features:

●Circular photocatalytic violet light Safe and efficient, concealed shade design, not glare in the dark.

●Strong suction vortex flow When the mosquito is close to the wind tunnel, it will be sucked into the mosquito tray at the bottom by a strong vortex.

●Anti-escape mosquito tray When the text is sucked into the mosquito tray, it is difficult to escape.

●Detachable hand strap Equipped with high-quality hand strap for hanging anywhere.

●Quiet design without noise

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