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Omnicular Night Vision Camera

Omnicular Night Vision Camera

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✔️ The best 24/7 Reconnaissance Vision
✔️ No-Glow IR (Invisible to human eyes)
✔️ 1000+ feet of Night Vision
✔️ HD Recording & Photography
✔️ Portable Design
✔️ Free 128 Gigabyte SD card
✔️ 12+ Hours of Night Vision Powered by Lithium Ion Batteries
✔️ Water resistant

Night vision has never been so easy before! With our Omnicular Monocular, which features no-glow infrared illuminator that allows you to view objects or animals in pitch darkness without any external lights and provides high-quality photos with no bright lights. It's just perfect for viewing even in 100% darkness.


Big Screen With 3X Zoom For Better View

It comes with an integrated 1.5-inch TFT screen, which is more clear to view when using this lightweight monocular. And the 3X optical magnification makes it possible to see animals even 600 feet away. Isn't that amazing? Your batteries won’t drain within minutes and you can definitely adjust the focus or zoom for the comfort of your eye.


Keep An Eye Without Being Noticed

It's useful if you enjoy hunting at night or watching wildlife. You’ll be able to successfully hunt, monitor your cattle without disrupting them, or even keep an eye on intruders or coyotes on your properties without anything getting in the way. For hunting and outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, airsoft, farm security, or even stargazing, these premium optics are perfect. 



Simply connect the Omnicular to your computer with our provided USB cable to upload images and videos. Open the pictures and videos on your computer to begin transfers and editing.

Share your night vision images and nature and animals to friends and family on social media once uploaded. Share the unexplored world with others!


Superior Battery & Portability

Easily power the device with 18650 li-on batteries. They are better than other types of batteries for several reasons. They are rechargeable, have no memory effect, and have higher energy and power density. Ensuring consistent charge levels at the new battery level. They also have a higher voltage of 3.7V, which means they need fewer cells in series to power devices. The batteries are high density in energy for their size. Meanwhile, AAA batteries get weaker with each recharge. Last over 10 hours taking video. The IR strength setting affects charge the most.  

Insert the included 128 Gigabyte memory card or use the biggest size you have. Connect the memory card to access the data through smartphones, laptops, printers, desktops, gaming consoles, etc.  (Adaptors for all devices not included)




  • Still image size: 12M/10M/8M
  • Video size: 1088x1088@30FPS/1280*720@30FPS
  • Aperture: F 1.2 f=25mm
  • Lens: FOV=10°, aperture 24mm
  • Display: Inner screen 1.5" (240*240) high-definition TFT
  • Digital zoom: 5 times
  • Storage medium: TF card, maximum support 512GB
  • Observation distance in total darkness: 150-1000M
  • Low light or daytime observation distance: 3 meters to infinity
  • Infrared light: 850nm,
  • Strong infrared spotlight, 7-speed infrared adjustment.
  • USB interface: TYPE-C 2.0
  • Power supply: 7.5V, 5 AA brand alkaline batteries (Not Included)


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