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Apex Laser®

Apex Laser®

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Get More Accuracy In Shooting!

It is no secret that ammo prices are getting crazier by the day! It feels like your shooting a small fortune. But if you don't zero in your hunting gear you will struggle. Designed to save money during the ammo shortage & easy to use.

✔ VERY ACCURATE: Get precise shooting while you hunt with this laser that will point to your target with maximum accuracy!
✔ ADJUSTABLE: It is windage and elevation adjustable, and you can also quickly and accurately reset any sights!
✔ LIGHT AND PORTABLE: You can carry this laser no matter how far and long you go hunting because it is very lightweight!
✔FULL PACKAGE: With this Apex Barrel Laser™ you will also get all the tools, four adapters, and extra batteries! Get more precision when shooting with this Adjustable Apex Barrel Laser™.

Attach it to your .17 to .78 caliber hunting handgun or rifle and when inserted into the chamber, it will project a laser beam through the barrel onto the target, providing you with more accuracy.
This laser bore sighter will allow you to quickly and accurately reset any sights (iron, optical, laser, holographic, etc).
It is also windage and elevation adjustable, so it won’t be a problem for you to use it any way you need it.
This gadget comes with tools, four adapters, and extra batteries (six total), so you will get everything you need.
You can carry it easily when you go hunting because it is very lightweight and portable.
You will have a long sighting range with no hustle!

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