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10 in 1 Survival, & Self Re... $39.99 USD $80.00 USD
 The perfect tool for the outdoors. Ready to survive with and keep in emergency storage immediately. Whether you are camping, hiking, mountaineering, fishing, hunting, or taking part in any other outdoor activity, this tool is very effective and comes in handy in countless situations. Life-saving to store in car, backpack, purse, cloths, and more with it's sling. The extremely hard tungsten tip can break through glass like car windows and bone efficiently. Great for immediate stopping power in self-defense situations. The survival whistle alerts others over longer distances efficiently while in survival situations. Instead of singular use tools, use this for survival and leisure, the can opener opens bottle caps and life-saving food cans. WHICH EMERGENCY TOOLS DOES IT INCLUDE? This compact 7.55"/19.2cm long multitool includes the following tools: - Multi-functional knife/fish scaler - Hard Steel glass breaker/can pierce bone. - Fishing rod (line and hook included) - Emergency whistle - Can opener - Sling/rope - Compass - Mini canister - Screw driver - Bolt opener
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18-in-1 Stainless Steel Sno... $17.50 USD $29.99 USD
18-in-1 stainless steel snowflakes multi-tool, Stainless Steel Multitool Standard. Our 85-in-1 Stainless Multi-tool can be used under several conditions. It is not only a simple tool with the special snowflake-shaped design, but you can also explore its special usages by your imagination, we believe it can bring you many surprises. You can use it to open the beer bottle, turn the screw, fix a bicycle and all the appliances when you need, open carton box and so on. Our Multi-tool which weighs only 2.3 ounces and is just over 2" long, is so easy to be taken along with and can be as a gift or hang drop Main Features: MULTI-TOOL-Zone Multi-Tool contains incredible 18 tools. SMALL SIZE--Only 2.3 ounces and just over 2 " diameter, unique snowflake-shaped design, easy to carry. APPLICATION--It can tighten the screws, open the cap, repair snowboard, bike, toys and much more. PERFECT GIFT--It can also be hung in the keyring, backpack or decorated in the Christmas tree.
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2 in 1 Vehicle Buddy $20.95 USD $50.00 USD
Free Shipping and Returns! Quick installation completed in seconds. Does luggage brought in the car after a busy day and hanging out with others get placed in less than comfortable places? This fastened hook for inside car use is great to make the ride more spacious for your friends and loved ones. These interior car hooks are perfect for carrying your bags and utilizes space in areas not normally used. Hooks can be folded in to save space when not used. Made from high-quality ABS+Silicone. Our 2 in 1 vehicle buddy is compatible with most 4.0-6.0 inch cell phone and can be use on most cars, trucks, SUVs and more. You're going to enjoy the utility provided by these hooks. You can place your phone and watch something the whole trip! Get yours today! Due to high demand, please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping, thank you. * Size: 5.5*12*3.2cm / 2.2*4.7*1.3" (L*W*H)  
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3 In 1 Spray Glass Cleaner $27.99 USD $69.00 USD
Are you looking for the all in one cleaning device for a car or glass in your house? This is your solution. With its very practical 3-in-1 design, you won't need to hold a scraper, a brush, and a sprayer anymore. Everything you need for cleaning is all set in this 3 In 1 Spray Glass Cleaner. Use this and you'll do the cleaning faster than ever so you'll have more time for other things you want to do. Soft, comfortable, non-slip handle. Lightweight and durable construction, with a gently curved handle for effortless operation. All-purpose squeegee for wiping shower doors & walls, tiles, windows, car windshield and windows. Multifunction window cleaning with a plastic pole, natural rubber squeegee, and microfiber scrubbing pads together. Scrub, wipe and clean is so easy to complete. On the head, there is a microfiber cloth which enables you to easily clean the inside of your windscreen just by simply using water. Dirt and dust from your window cling to the cloth. 3 in1 function: Spray, dry, scraper. Cleaning steps: 1. Spray on the glass 2. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe 3. Use a silicone scraper to remove water stains
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3-IN-1 AVOCADO SLICER $15.97 USD $27.99 USD
This Avocado slicer will make you look like a professional chef! All-in-one tool splits, pits and slices avocados Stainless steel pitter removes the pit with one quick twist Slicer lifts fruit from skin in seven perfect pieces Soft, comfortable non-slip grip Green body Top-rack dishwasher safe
-51% sale
3-in-1 tape Modern Measure! $36.99 USD $75.00 USD
3-in-1 tape Measure! The 3-in-1 tape measure that can measure all and any surfaces! Measure King is the new and innovative way to measure faster, easier, and more effectively! No longer be confined to the flimsy metal tape measures that can only measure straight surfaces. Measure King has 3 different measuring modes to give you the most accurate results. Roll Mode can measure any curved surface or irregular shaped objects just by rolling the attached wheel for length or distance! It’s so simple you can do it with just one hand! Flex Cord allows you to easily and accurately measure around objects! No more crinkled metal tape measures that don’t give you an accurate measurement! Flex Cord allows you to measure anything rounded without limitations! For those long and hard to reach areas there is Laser Mode! Just point the laser and measure distance instantly! Don’t second guess your measurements, Measure King is equipped with a precise, easy-to-read digital LED display! Measure King is made of heavy duty and durable construction grade material to handle any project. Perfect for work or home! Measure Kings measurements are so accurate that they measure 1/100th of an inch! Choose between standard and metric. You don’t have to be an expert contractor to get the best results, Measure King does all the work for you!
3Pcs Plastic Scraper $30.95 USD
This plastic dough scraper features sleek edges and flexible texture, make it easy to scarp off dough, cut dough into wanted pieces, or create cute and pretty cake edges. Material: Plastic Plastic Type: PP Feature: Eco-Friendly
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4 Piece Washable Mat Grippers $12.99 USD $21.99 USD
No more worries of unstable, loose, and dangerous carpets when a loss of grip occurs. The grippers also leave no trace or residue of it being used. The nonslip grippers are made from silicon and include 4 pieces of rug grippers and 4 sticky pads to adhere the grippers to a mat, which are also washable. It is specially designed to have the best safety ability due to the triangle figure. Gripper measurements are 5.9 inches by 4.4 inches.    
4 Tube Fitness Resistance B... $38.95 USD
This product can train arms, abdomen, chest, and leg exercises. And it is an important yoga exercise tool for men and women. Material: Rubber Tube, Foam Function: Body Application: Pedal Exerciser Type: Fitness Resistance Bands
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6 PC Portable Travel Luggag... $19.99 USD $35.00 USD
Portable and multi-purpose travel business washable toiletry bag. Perfect for household, travel, vacation, business trip and even for outdoor camping, lodging! PRODUCTION SPECIFICATIONS: Clothes Storage Bags, Tidy Organizer Lightweight, water-resistant, portable, foldable, easy to store. Perfect for traveling, backpacking, camping, gym, beach, or yoga. Save your time and space, make sure all your personal care belongings in a convenient place. Travel or store garments, accessories and more with Portable Packing Cubes with. The luggage storage bags suitcase handbag case set has a perforated design that allows for proper aeration, keeping clothes smelling clean and fresh. The pieces come in a neutral gray shade. This versatile set comes with six pieces in assorted sizes to fit your needs. 6 different size bag that can hold clothing, footwear, toothbrushes, makeup. Moth-proof, Mould-proof, Moisture-proof, Good Permeability. Size: Large mesh surface: 40cm (L) * 30cm (W) * 12cm (H) Middle Mesh : 30cm(L)*28cm(W)*12cm(H) Small Mesh : 30cm(L)*21cm(W)*12cm(H) Large Flat: 35cm (L) * 27cm (W) Middle Flat : 27cm(L)*25cm(W) Small Flat: 26cm(L)*16cm(W) Suitable for family/couple or long-term travel. Free Shipping!
Abdominal Muscle Stimulator $40.95 USD
This hip trainer is suitable for daily life and leisure entertainment. You can use it for reading, Watching movies, Indoor fitness, Etc. To easily create attractive hip shapes. Material: ABS Gender:Unisex Size:22*19*2cm/8.66*7.48*0.79" Application: Waist Item Type: Massage & Relaxation Package included: 3 X Host 1 X Belly Sticker 2 X Arm Sticker
-46% sale
The Acupressure iTouch Massager offers a vibrating head with a twin contact point and a flexible body that allows you to use it in all areas of your body. The Silicone touch points are innovative massage devices that attach your fingers and apply it directly to the area of your choice, reducing pain and tension with the effect of a wavy massage. With its small structure, it is easily transported by you and offers you the possibility to massage ✿Ideal for regional massage ✿Offers a strong impact with dual contact point ✿Reduce pain with vibrating vibration massage ✿An ideal product for regional tension and stress ✿It has a fingerprint-like structure that you can apply to any point ✿The headers are made of silicone, trunked plastic material ✿There is an on / off button for easy operation ✿Works with 6 button batteries (included in the battery contents) ✿Dimensions: 12.5 cm x 15 cm
Adjustable Back Brace Support $34.95 USD
Our unique back posture corrector is engineered for COMFORT, composed of ultra-soft breathable NEOPRENE MATERIAL, and features a WIDE BACK design and sturdy METAL CONNECTIONS for increased durability. Our back brace also includes comfortable UNDERARM PADS and can be worn under clothes, outdoors, or at home! Material: Non-woven Item Type: Braces & Supports Effect: Bone Care Function: Align shoulders, spine, and upper Features: Improve posture & reduce slouching
Adjustable Fitness Sport Hoop $79.95 USD
Simple and easy to use. It is a hula hoop that can be easily used by adult beginners. Compared with the traditional hula hoop, the smart hula hoop will not drop, solving the problem that beginners will not use. The smart hula hoop has a massage function, which can reduce labor pain in the waist. Material: ABS material Color: Pink, Blue and Purple Type: Magic Hula Hoop Function: hula hoops fitness
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Adjustable Pullup Bar $49.95 USD $99.99 USD
This Training Bar for doorway use will tone and strengthen your back, arms, shoulders and abs muscles and is perfect for the upper body workout for men and women. Non-slip extra-long foam grips for extra comfort to minimize hand fatigue or pain Made of heavy-duty chrome steel provide great support. Note: Always install and use the supplied screw-in door brackets Get fit and strong by using the Training Bar for many exercises including pull-ups, chin-ups, hanging leg raises, push-ups, dips, sit-ups, and crunches. It's truly a multi-function piece of at-home workout equipment you can use in different locations! Multiple screw-in door mount kits give you the flexibility to move to different places or heights. Adjust to fit standard doorways. It's perfect for your home, garage, gym or the office.